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Are you looking for a pastry to feed a whole family or group?  Purchase one of our full size pastries!  Each pastry is 6.5" in diameter and serves 6-8 people.  

We have five options right now.

Bahia: This exotic dome-like cake is a must have! The passion fruit, mango, and banana confit with a crunchy almond and coconut-lime base really hits the spot! Finish it off with a passion glaze and Panna Cotta on the top is what makes the Bahia a one of a kind!

Ocoa: This decadent dark chocolate dessert features a mirrored chocolate glaze exterior, concealing a 70% dark chocolate mousse and cremeux with a foundation of chocolate almond sponge and chocolate hazelnut crunch.

Peanut Caramel: The peanut caramel gateaux contrasts salty and sweet, crunchy and soft- with its burnt caramel center and peanut butter hazelnut crunch base surrounded by hazelnut dacquoise, praline cremeux, and milk chocolate whip ganache.

Mascarpone & Red Berries Bûche: Very Berry Christmas
A ribbon of mascarpone chantilly is the perfect gift wrap on our berry bûche.  Enjoy a lovely red berry compote of strawberry, raspberry and black currant accompanied by a vanilla creamy mascarpone mousse over a lemon almond crunch and lemon sponge.  This dessert is bright and satisfying.

(Ingredients: Almond Flour, sea salt, sugar, butter, lime zest, white chocolate, feuilletine, eggs, inverted sugar, Strawberry puree, raspberry puree, black currant puree, pectin, blueberries, cream, mascarpone, glucose, vanilla, milk, gelatin, citric acid, Allergens: Dairy, Soy, tree nuts)

Pure Origin Mexique Chocolate Caramel Bûche: All I want for Christmas is Chocolate
At the base of this bûche you'll enjoy a crisp hazelnut and chocolate crunch, sitting above that is a smooth dark chocolate sponge.  A tunnel of burnt caramel is enveloped in a caramel mouse, a Pure Origin 66% Mexique chocolate mousse.  The chocolate lover at your celebration will be more than pleased!

(Ingredients: Cream, milk, glucose, dark chocolate, gelatin, sugar, vanilla, butter, sea salt, gluten-free flour, cocoa powder, almond flour, cocoa nibs, hazelnuts, pectin, Eggs, Allergens: Dairy, soy, tree nuts)
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