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At our house, we use it as a way of closing cards and emails: “Je t’aime à la folie!” Before I-love-yous, we worked side by side at Barry Callebaut, joining forces and inspiring each other to make the Chocolate Academy the success it is today. When we parted professional ways to start a life and family together, we always kept the dream of bringing our own passion project to light. That passion is A LA FOLIE, and we’re crazy-happy you’ve found us! 

Located in South Naperville, our focus is wholesale authentic French macarons. There are a ton of macarons out there – for our signature product we focused on the traditional yet trendy French macarons. The perfect French macaron has a crunchy shell with a moist interior; it is a pure joy to bite into. All of our macaron products are gluten free by nature.

There are a wide variety of flavors already out there, and the possibilities are endless. French macarons, when made correctly, are not only beautiful to look at but taste incredible as well. Enjoy!

Alexis + Jérôme

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